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The following is a non profit fan based story, Osomatsu-san belongs to  Fujio Akatsuka  
 please support the official release.

I gain no profit from this nor do I own anything other then OCs  and whatever sprouts from my imagination. Thanks for reading!
Ichimatsu x OC 
Chap 3

The next morning Airi woke up and slowly got up went to the bathroom, then absentmindedly went back to her room before bursting out the door and looking around frantically "Where am I?!" she whined completely forgetting what her mother had told her, as the black haired ran through the house looking for her mom,

who she found sleeping in the living room with a running start the preschooler jumped body slamming Hotaru who let out a wheeze and groan as the child landed on her belly "Mati MAti! we been...oh, right we moved never mind." she climbed off her mom who groaned and twitched in response.


Hotaru finished making breakfast she and Airi sat down to eat to as her mom put on a movie to watch while they were eating, Hotaru kept staring at Airi like she was expecting the kid to say something off the little girl took a big gulp of her peach juice.

"The juice here tastes good!" 

"It's the same juice from before,...Airi?"


"If your planning to wander around today, tell me beforehand so I know where you are,"


The brunette stare at her daughter skeptical that the child was even listening to her, "Also if you see any of your uncles running around greet them properly." speaking of which they should stop by there to greet Matsuyo and Matsuzo no doubt her brothers have already told them about her return,

Hotaru was pulled out of her thoughts by Odie pawing at her arm "What?" the cat kept waving at her before remembering she forgot to feed him "oop, sorry bud! why didn't you saying something before?" the only response from the maine coon was single meow Airi giggled at her mom talking to the cat as the two disappeared into the kitchen, the little girl went to follow. 

but, paused when something orange caught her eye...there outside was the same glasses wearing kitty from yesterday! without even thinking Airi wandered outside a followed after the cat again, just as her mom came out of the kitchen "hey Airi are you...*sigh* gone?" the brunette pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I gotta put a bell on that kid...Odie!~" she called out to her cat the large cat came walking out of the kitchen, all proud of himself as Hotaru gasped and looked around in mock panic "Where's your baby?" the large cats ears perked up as he looked around the house chattering and whining,

looking for Airi when he came with no kid pretty much told the vet that her daughter has left the building, she frowned pulling out Odie's harness and leash and jiggling them "Come on boy let's go look for her." 


Airi was humming to herself as she followed after the kitty which led to a small brown house the little girl vaguely recalled driving passed it, does her uncles live here she saw Oso-chan on the roof she was brought out of her thoughts by a woman's voice "oh, Good morning little girl." Airi black eyes looked up and saw an old lady with her hair in a bun wear glasses like her mom's "good morning! obaa-chan." the old lady gave her a friendly smile. 

"Please call me Matsuyo, Now what's your name?"

"Sazaki Airi."

"Airi-chan where are your parents?"

"Oh, Mati is uh-oh...!"

Matsuyo watched as the little girl panicked trying to figure out where she was, it was the older woman noticed Airi un-brushed hair and was still in her PJs "did you wander out without telling your mommy?" the old woman asked in a scolding manner causing the child to duck her head sheepishly.

Matsuyo calmly led her inside of her home and led Airi to the living where her husband Matsuzo was sitting who looked a the little girl curiously "Hello there, now what's your name?" he detracted the child as his wife took a deep breath.

"Boys come down here we have guest!?" there was a lot of thumping coming from upstairs as six men came stumbling in they all froze when they saw their dad playing with a familiar little girl, Ichimatsu's eyes widened he watched as their mother calmly patted Airi on the head.

mirroring how she introduced them to Hotaru 13 years ago "Boys this is," she was interrupted by five of her boys yelling "AIRI!" pulling the girl into a group hug as their parents stared on in confusion while Ichimatsu just kept his distance,

the rest of his brothers were pulled out of their little love fest by the parents clearing their throats "Oh you already know her that's nice!~ how?" their mother demanded Osomatsu went to say something till he remembered he nor his twins told their parents that Hotaru was back!

he looked to his younger brothers for help but they seem to be having the same dilemma, before Ichimatsu spoke up "She's Hotaru and Sazaki-san's daughter." he spat before quietly walking back upstairs, leaving his family a little more then shocked as his parent gawked at the little girl who was confused why Ichimatsu was so upset for,

before someone knocking on the front door "I'll get it!" Osomatsu yelled as his parents demanded his brothers tell them when Hotaru came back! Osomatsu open the front door to see an out of breath Hotaru and a proud looking Odie sitting at her feet. 

"Where's Airi?"

"Living room, Mom and dad wanna talk to ya."

"Figured, Odie find the baby!"

"You trained him to find babies?" 

"No, just mine." Hotaru explained as her cat tugged her towards the living room, while Osomatsu disappeared upstairs for little while he came back down he had an old baby monitor hidden in his hoodie. the other one was in his bed room where Ichi was brooding, away from everyone else. when he got back to the living room, there was an tense awkward silence in the air as his parents and Hotaru sat across from each other as his father spoke.

"I knew that Haiji couldn't be trusted! that man always had a woman on his arm!?" mr. Matsuno hissed recalling how the flashy doctor finally came to collect Hotaru a year after he was supposed to! both him and his wife were considering adopting the girl after Hanako-san died, they heard nothing from him then he just magically shows up! "But, to think he touched a little girl that's low even for him!" 

Hotaru opened her mouth to say something only for Matsuyo to pitch in her two cents "and he doesn't even have the nobility to marry you or at least help raise her! if i ever see the two faced scum i'll-" "He's dead!" Hotaru yelled slamming her fist on the table silencing the older couple, "he died two months before Airi was born and came to live with me." she huffed the couple stared at her blankly. 

"I adopted her after social services called me, saying he assigned me as her guardian."

"So she's not,"

"Nope, there's no blood between us! but, love her anyways."

"Oh, good... now marry one of our boys!"

Hotaru and the sextuplets sweat drop at their mother's sudden comeback "Oi, just let me re-establish some foreground here, gees."Hotaru waved her hands in a dismissive fashion before clearing her throat, "Besides, I'm kind of putting dating off for a while, till Airi is a little older." she said then noticed the look Airi was giving her the brunette brows furrowed as she nodded at the black haired child sitting on Karamatsu's lap petting Odie "Aren't you and uncle Myles dating?"

Hotaru and her brothers let out a loud inhale as the preschooler looked around the room befuddled "Whadda I'd say?" she asked as mrs. Matsuno gave the brunette a sly grin "Ooh~ who Myles?" as Hotaru blanched "He a friend, just a friend, and no sweetie we're not dating." Airi looked confused as she remembered the few times she caught her mom and Myles in bed "wrestling" other compromising situations.

"then how he comes over when you think I'm sleeping?"  the little girl into detail on all giggling and the weird noises coming from her mom's room, before Karamatsu stuffed a lollipop in her mouth waggling his finger in front of her "Don't ask about that kind of stuff Ai-chan, that's grown up business, understand?"he scolded as her mortified mother manage to find her voice. 

"5 bucks."


"5 buck we never talk about this again."


"Deal" Hotaru fist bumped with Airi who held a mischievous grin which Todomatsu and Choromatsu caught "Oh, you're a deviant little one aren't you?" Totty chirped with a similar smile, while his older brother seemed somewhat terrified! at how easy it was for the little girl to manipulate Hotaru into giving her what she wants.

while this was going on Ichimatsu was gawking at the baby monitor the relief he felt a second ago was replaced by jealousy over whoever this Myles guy was, and annoyance over why Hotaru never contacted them for the last six years, as if his father read his mind his voice came through the baby monitor

"So, Fuyu-chan why is it you never contacted us after you left did Haiji forbid you, or" the was silence before Hotaru hummed in confusion "What do you mean? I wrote you guys everyday! but, you never responded." there large protest from his and brothers and parents "I did! honestly did!?" she defended before Matsuyo spoke up "Let's go down to the post office to sort this out?"

she suggested before the signal died causing Ichimatsu to fiddle to fiddle with the monitor's dial as Osomatsu came upstairs with the other monitor, "There, you satisfied yo big drama queen?" the purple recluse glared at his older brother who glared back. "Go talk or else."  Ichimatsu's  tired purple eyes* narrowed suspiciously at Osomatsu who was thinking something up.

"Or else what?"

"exactly! no, wait..."


"It'll be bad though, Hey don't fall asleep you damn furry! oi!"


Hotaru brought Airi and Odie home to let the cat rest and the kid cleaned up and dressed. she called A.J. to babysit, before driving Matsuyo and herself to the post office; where they explained the situation to the man at the front desk, after checking the computer he told them to wait a moment. 

a few minutes later he came back with a large box filled with letters "see what happens when your kids prank the post office?" he said to Matsuyo who face palmed before heading home.where she dropped the box in front of the boys who gawked at the large box.

looking like kids on Christmas as they sorted through the letters there were about ten addressed to Ichimatsu personally while the rest were for the rest of the family consisting of photos and updates of how Hotaru was adjusting and starting over in an unfamiliar place.

there were also a few birthday cards for them and a present for their 19th birthday a Japanese copy of Cards against Humanity with a large warning to be played at their own risk! 

Osomatsu carefully stacked the cards addressed to Ichimatsu and the rest of his brothers quietly walked upstairs to their room to find Ichimatsu still sleep the five of them looked at each other and shrugged as Osomatsu put the letters on a shelf in the closet and sat down with the rest of his brother play their new game.

that what Ichimatsu awoke to was his brothers laughing loud and obnoxiously over something...oh, shit they better not of put a wig and lipstick on him again?!

he growled sitting straight up and check his reflection he was fine? his purple eyes then looked towards his brothers, they were looking at him oddly, "What the hell are you laughing at?" he hissed they held up their card game he read a few cards somewhat bewildered by the dark content.

"what is that?" 

"A birthday gift from Hotaru."

"She never got us a birthday gift."

"Actually she sent us all letters! but, someone kept pranking the postman...and they wouldn't deliver them."

Choromatsu explained as he and the other younger brothers glared at Osomatsu and Karamatsu both of which hung the heads down shamefully before Totty nudged the blue clad twin who looked confused before realizing it was his turn,

"Listen up Bruzah! I am the card czar! and I have a tattoo of ___ on my ass!" he announced before turning around facing the wall waiting for his brothers to shuffle through their cards before turning back around and checking the selections
"I have a tattoo of a whole entire watermelon on my ass!, [Oso]
I have a tattoo of Corporate billionaires on my ass! [todo]
I have a tattoo of BEES? on my ass! [Choro]
I have a tattoo of Rock Spider on my ass! [Jyushi]"

Karamatsu seemed to and frowned "well these aren't as funny as the last round but, i'll go with Rock spider on my ass." Jyushimatsu threw his cards on the table "I won! Home run!?!?!" he yelled causing his brothers to cover their ears "Okay Jyushimatsu-nii is Czar this round Ichimatsu take a seat Jyushimatsu shuffle the deck." Ichimatsu sat down next to Choromatsu as he explained the how CAH is played and did warn most of the cards are very offensive and dark which Ichimatsu seemed unfazed by.

Considering how they act on a daily basis nothing really bothers him, it went on like this for another hour before Matsuyo kicked them out of the house to get some fresh air, and so she can get some peace and quiet. they walked kinda of dragging Ichimatsu as they passed Hotaru's clinic and saw her windows had the hours of operation printed on them and a sign board saying opening in September.

there was a note addressed to them say A.j was baby sitting Airi for the night and Hotaru was out! "Dang and I was hoping to see you guys finally talk." Osomatsu huffed while Ichimatsu gave him a dirty look as Choromatsu spoke up "Uh, hey why don't we go see a movie, it's free day at the theater, right?" he glanced at Totty who was already checking his phone for listings while Osomatsu frowned.

"why all they show on free day is subtitled american movies from the 80s and 90s...oh are they showing ash vs army of darkness?" he asked excitedly Todomatsu shook his head " a Nightmare on elm street and goonies." well they all knew what Totty and Jyushimatsu were going to see Choromatsu looked over his shoulder "Well we better hurry there it's gonna start soon."  


after the movie Osomatsu and Ichimatsu got to stretch "Wow, that was pretty lame, eh Karamatsu?" when their brother didn't answer both Ichimatsu and Osomatsu looked in between them, and saw Karamatsu had fainted half way through the movie. causing their younger bother to snort "What a wienie." before they lifted him out of his seat and drag him out of the theater to meet up with the rest of their brothers.

when they got there they saw Totty, Jyushimatsu and Choromatsu gawking at something, Osomatsu and Ichimatsu followed there gaze just to see Hotaru across the street...walking out of a Love hotel and some guy walking out behind didn't take genius to know what they were up too a short while ago if the flushed skin and messy hair was any to run on.
Ichimatsu felt an acidic feeling in his gut as his eyes scanned the man chatting with Hotaru, just by looking at him the purple neet could tell this guy wasn't worth nor interested in Hotaru's time so why the hell are they together?
the sound of his brothers talking amongst themselves. 

"so that's Myles? the Friend with benefits?"

"He is not what I was imagining..."

"The what with what?!"

"Oh, right you disappeared on us yesterday to sum it up they're s*** Buddies, no love between them."

Ichimatsu's brain seem to stall for a second there as his brothers laughed at his stunned face. Karamatsu gave him a pat on the back returning him to reality as the bane of his opened his mouth.
"Right on, that's the exact reaction  *oack!*" he was silenced by an elbow to the gut, and Ichimatsu sending him a death glare before someone called out to them "oh, so I was right."  the sextuplets looked away from their painful brother to see Hotaru and Myles walking up to them.

Ichimatsu stiffened and tried to slip away again only for Jyushimatsu and Choromatsu to hold him in his place as Myles's olive eyes winded at the sight of all six of them "Holy crap, Ya weren't  joking! there really are six of em!" he said yelled in English causing the sextuplets to stare at him blankly as Hotaru gave them an apologetic look and tugged on the taller man's shirt.

"Yeah, They don't how to speak English...very well" she explained causing Myles looked back at the sextuplets sheepishly "Ooops, Sorry I forgot where we were second there! Myles Bensen Privet Investigator. how do you do?" he held his hand out to Ichimatsu who recoiled and glared at it disdainfully then at the taller man, who frowned wondering if he did something wrong "is everything alright?" the purple clad neet just kept his vexed gaze on him before Todomatsu jumped into the conversation.

"Oh! Don't mind Ichimatsu nii-san, he's usually cranky around strangers." he said while shaking Myles hand "It very nice to meet you Bensen-san!" the others nodded along as the green eyed man smirked "Skip the formalities just call me Myles, you're boss lady's bros so that make ya my pals!" Hotaru's eyes widened behind her glasses as her brothers looked a her befuddled "Boss lady?" they said unsure if they heard right as Myles kept rambling as Hotaru kept trying to silence him. 

"Y'know I owe your sister my life!"  


"we both nearly..wha..."   


"What?...Seriously? alright..."

Myles straightened up and looked at the sextuplets unsure on what to say "ok, let's forget I said any-" Osomatsu however wasn't one to let anything go "No, we all heard you say nee-chan's your boss, what did you mean by that?" the taller man sighed they weren't gonna drop this are they?

"OK, the truth? Tarry is a total dom in the sack!" the brothers all gawked at Myles started backing when a sudden chill filled the air, a strange purple aura surrounded Hotaru "She insists I call her boss while, *(ack!)*" before he could even finish that sentence Hotaru grabbed him by the tie and yanked him down to her level and said "Finish that sentence and I will make it so you can never have sex again!...*Not even with yourself!, Understand?"

she hissed Myles blanched and squeaked and nodded Hotaru smirked giving him a peck on the forehead she let go of his tie causing him to stumble a little before straightening up and clearing his throat "It was awesome meeting you guys! I gotta go see ya!" with that Myles took of like a bat out of hell, as the sextuplets watched on terrified as Osomatsu pointed something his always said about his older sister.

"See? what did I tell you guys? same species as Ichimatsu nii-san." said purple neet who was hiding a huge blush behind his medical mask. Hotaru turned her attention on her brothers "Sorry about that, Myles tends to over exaggerate don't believe half the stuff he says." she explained then realized something.

"Wait, what time is it right now?" she checked her phone and cussed under her breath "Sorry gotta cut the meeting short guys...uh where'd the rest of you go?" the brunette asked getting Ichimatsu's attention he snapped out of his daze and saw his brothers had indeed vanished, leaving him alone with Hotaru! and damn if his anxiety wasn't shooting through the roof right now!   

Mature Content

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The following is a non profit fan based story, Osomatsu-san belongs to  Fujio Akatsuka  
 please support the official release.

I gain no profit from this nor do I own anything other then OCs  and whatever sprouts from my imagination. Thanks for reading!

Chap 2

Ichimatsu x OC 

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER!?" Karamatsu yelled causing Hotaru to shush him as Airi had fallen asleep "Exactly what I mean," suddenly a light bulb seem to go off in Choromatsu's head "wait isn't Sazaki your godfather's last name?" the sextuplets all froze up as Todomatsu remembered how old Airi was, and looked sick "that creep you were only 14!?" he shrieked causing his brothers to go silent as a scary purple aura surrounded them. 

Hotaru looked at the brothers incredulously they looked ready to kill someone as Osomatsu calmly grabbed the brunette by the shoulders, "please don't say the old guy who took you in is the father, co's I'm gonna turn him into patio furniture! if he is!" he growled as the rest of her 'brothers' had the same dark intention written on their faces. 

Hotaru cocked her head confused before a light went off "Oh, oh oh, no-no! I'm not Airi's bio mom! I adopted her," she explained as Airi snuggled deeper into her shoulder causing her instinctively rock her "besides you can't kill somebody who's already died" the brothers all let out a sigh of relief Karamatsu fell on his ass and let out a nervous chuckled as Osomatsu voiced out their concern.

"Oh good, we though some old jerk-off swiped your V-card." she was silent as the brothers laughed and realized she wasn't laughing. But, before they could question her any farther Candi pulled in her pick up with a bewildered expression at the sight of the sextuplets.

"Holy crap! you're real? I thought I was going nuts!"

"Hey Candi, meet my brothers."

"we already met, I nearly ran them over while they were chasing Airi."

"Sorry about that, I may of over exaggerated the stranger danger talk."

Hotaru shifted Airi on her hip and pointed to the sextuplets from oldest to youngest, "Red, is Osomatsu," Osomatsu winks at Candice "she knows~." the gray eyed girl's lips twitched Hotaru pointed the second born "Blue is Karamatsu," the self proclaimed 'bad-boy' smirked at her "Green is Choromatsu," he shyly waved at Candi "purple is Ichimatsu," Candi's scanned around and didn't see anyone wearing purple, as Hotaru pointed at Jyushimatsu "You already know Jyushi-nii. and pink is Todomatsu." 

"I think you're missing a brother cos' I'm not seeing anyone wearing purple." Hotaru and the Sextuplets blinked and noticed Ichimatsu was missing "Hey, she's right where Ichimatsu go?" Choromatsu said as they looked around the street "That's odd, I would have thought he'd be the most happy to see you?" Osomatsu said as Hotaru mentaly cringed, it was obvious that Ichimatsu was still angry either at her or himself, they were both idiots back then.

Hotaru's silence was interupted by Airi waking up mumbling she was hungry, "Eh?" cue Hotaru's and The sextuplet's stomachs growling causing them to blush when Candice laughed at them "Holy crap, you guys really are siblings!" she snickered before going to her truck,

and pulling out a cardboard box filled with groceries and a pizza box "Good thing I already bought dinner, huh?" the five men and Airi rushed at the red head only for her to hold the pizza away from them and Hotaru to step in between them "Ah-uh, you want this you have to help carry some of this stuff in!" she informed then turned her attention on her daughter.

"And you after you're done eating I want you washed up and ready for bed."

"But, Mati! I'm not tired!~"

"Yeah, you say that now but, I guarantee not even twenty minutes in you'll be falling asleep while eating."

"Will not,...wait why are we going into a strange house?"

The sextuplets and Candice looked at Airi befuddled "Because you live here?" the red head said earning a look from the five year old who shook her head "No, our house is far faaar away!" Hotaru's eye twitched before face palming *(I knew it! she wasn't paying attention at all!)* before crouching down and patting her daughter on the head.

"No sweetie, from now on this is our house, you'll be living here from now on." Airi tired eyes snapped open and gawking at the house/clinic "wha!...Candi! Candi! did you know we live here?!" Candice eye brows shot up in mock surprise and made and dramatic gasp "Why Button I had no idea!~" as Osomatsu joined in by adding "And the biggest twist of all! we live just down the street!"

this caused the little girl to giggle as the eight of them went inside the clinic not noticing Ichimatsu watching from the alley as an RV drove up to the house, he pulled his medical mask up and silently walked home.


the boys were just finishing putting the groceries away, and snooping through some of Hotaru's stuff when some thing large and furry ran through the hall catching Todomatsu off, when it ran in between his legs causing him to shriek as the furry mass ran into the living room, "What the hell was that?" Karamatsu yelled as he his brothers hopped onto the kitchen counter.

"Oh, that was my cat." Hotaru explained as Airi came unto the kitchen with the huge ass cat "What kind of cat is that?!" Todomatsu screamed staring at the intimidating looking feline their foster sister shrugged "Maine Coon. Don't worry he's just a big ol'teddy bear." Jyushimatsu got off the counter and went to pet the large cat who took to the hyper active man immediately crawling into his lap purring and flexing his paws as Jyushi petted him.

"OH~ what's his name?" 


"Todomatsu-nii take a picture! for Ichimatsu."

"Oh, that's a good idea! maybe it'll get him over here!"

Todomatsu reluctantly got off the counter before taking his phone out and snapping a photo of Odie and sent it to Ichimatsu they waited for a response and got zilch till the someone knocked at the door "Oh, that was quick!" Osomatsu mused and went open the door, only it wasn't his brother it was a short blond girl who squeaked and recoiled a the sight of him.

"Uh, hello?" the girl flinched and said nothing as Candi look over the red clad man's shoulder "Oh, An Jia i was wondering where you were." the blonde girl perked up at the sight of the red headed girl and rushed passed Osomatsu and hid behind Candi "Did you find the place alright?"

the blonde nodded then looked over her shoulder to see, four more men with the same face as the man at the door! causing her to squeak getting their attention as she tugged on Candi "What? oh those are just Hotaru's brothers." she explained only for A.J. to yank the red head down and whisper in her ear.

"Because they're sextuplets." she said the blond looked at the Matsuno brothers then held up five fingers "Yeah, one of them isn't feeling well." Hotaru jumped in then went to introduce her friend "Guys this is An Jia Amsel. she's a good friend of mine." A.j. shyly wave at them as Jyushimatsu disappeared from the group and ended somehow next to the blonde.

"Hello Amsel-san! You have pretty eyes!" the hyperactive man said causing the blond to turn bright red and mumble out "too close" Jyushimatsu back away from her till he was almost in the living room "is this far enough?" he asked A.j. now felt like a jerk causing her to wave him back over, he calmly walked back and stopped two feet from her this was fair enough and she gave him a thumbs up, as Osomatsu got into a conversation with Candi about A.J. 

"So what's her story?"

"Nothing, she's just shy around strangers, if you guys weren't here she'd be talking up a storm. right now!"

"Jyushimatsu seems to like her."

"yeah well opposites and all that, anyways dinner time!"

Candice announced as the brothers and co. sat around a small table taking slices of pizza as Hotaru sat in between Karamatsu and Choromatsu "so, where did you move to after Sazaki-san came to collect you?" Choromatsu asked curiously as his sister kept a close eye on Airi sitting across from her "A small farming town in Canada." the sextuplets had a weird vision of Hotaru being a maple syrup farmer riding polar bear in an icy tundra, "gees you must have been freezing down there."

Osomatsu blurted out causing the brunette to look at him oddly "Not really contrary to popular belief it's not always snowing there, in fact 40 Celsius is about 104 in Fahrenheit." she shrugged her brother's gave her skeptical looks before Hotaru got up to get a photo album dropping accident pulling,

Airi's Baby book out Karamatsu picked it up and read the name on the front (Shimizu Junko?...) Hotaru saw him holding it and went 'oop' "Thanks for grabbing that Kara-nii, I'd be in hot water if I lost that." the tragic poet nodded and handed the book handed it back to his sister, who placed back into a folder labelled family medical records. Before showing them the pictures of town she was living in before moving back, most of the photos were of Airi when she was a baby showing her playing in a sunflower field.

"You lived on a farm?" 

"Yeah a we mainly raised sunflowers and pygmy goats."

"Aw look baby Airi got strawberry jam all over her face."

"Yeah, she likes jam especially on A.j.'s homemade cornbread."

Speaking of Airi the preschooler decided now was the time to act clingy and tired as she got up from her spot and shove pass her uncles and past out into her mom's lap, "Say excuse me when yo-Oi, you're getting crumbs and grease everywhere." She took a napkin off the table and wipe Airi's hands and face before lifting the sleeping child up "Hold on a moment guys I have to put this one to bed." the brother's nodded watching their sister disappear down the hall.

Then went into a huddle occasionally glancing up to make sure Hotaru was still gone and A.J. and Candi were minding their business before breaking and looked at the two women "You guys have been friends with Nee-chan for a while right?" Todomatsu interrogated Candice blinked at the brother confused.

"Uh, yeah about 3 years now, why?" the brothers looked at each other before Choromatsu shyly spoke up "W-well you see she and Ichimatsu have a history, there was a mean girl who used him, to make her Ex jealous and well hurt Hotaru, who she thought was responsible for the break up. "

the redhead eyes widened [holy crap, this is the missing piece to Hotaru's heart.] she mentally screamed and nodded at them to continue "When Nee-chan found out what the girl's intentions were, Ichimatsu didn't believe her." Osomatsu cut in "they got into a huge fight and he told he hated her."

then Karamatsu continued the story "and when that hag found out about it, she humiliated Ichimatsu in front of the whole school by telling him she never liked him, and just went out with him to get back at her ex and Hotaru." Jyushimatsu with a rare frown on his face continued, "When Ichimatsu realized aneki was right, it was too late the damage was done and Sazaki-san had already taken aneki with him." Todomatsu happily jumped in finishing the story.

"Oh, but don't worry the joke was on Hag in the end."

"How so?"

"Well it turns out Hag's ex boyfriend left her for a guy.~"

"Get the hell outta here."

Both Candice and his brother's looked at Todomatsu skeptically as he kept a straight face "no, i'm serious! I heard it from Totoko who heard from Dia-chan who dated the Ex boyfriend's cousin they even invited Hag to the wedding and everything!" he takes his phone out and searches through it for a bit before pulling up a wedding photo of two men smiling, with their happy family and one very very sour faced woman who glared at the couple in disdain. "Made her the maid of dishonor."

Osomatsu snorted at his younger brother's pun before clearing his throat "anyways on to why we're telling you this." he scratched the back of his head unsure of how to approach this "We were kind of wondering if Nee-chan has a l-lover or husband or whatever?" Both A.j. and Candi looked at each other then shrugged "Well...Not really...

the redhead made an awkward face no really sure how to describe her friends....activities with Myles, the Matsuno brothers narrowed theirs eyes at the redhead "What do you mean by that?" Osomatsu pressed not wanting to get Ichimatsu's hopes up only to have them come crashing down all over again A.j. turned bright red while Candi tried to explain the nature of Hotaru and Myles deal.

 "Well there this guy named Myles Bensen who Doc has a very intimate friendship with." the sextuplets gave her a blank stare "No strings attached kind of friendship?" they still weren't getting what she was trying to tell them and it was irking at A.j's last nerve who finally spoke "For the love of Mike men! they're F*ck buddies!, Friends with benefits! Booty call!!" the blonde took a few deep breaths as everyone gawked at her, the blondes face turned scarlet and buried her face into her hands.

as Hotaru came into the living room looking pissed "All of you out! we'll continue this tomorrow!" she hissed in a low voice as Candi got up and stretched "Fair enough, I have to get going anyways...I have to meet this dude at a place about a thing." she stated giving Hotaru a serious look the vet caught on and gave her a curt nod,

while A.j. who was still frozen in her current position manage to pull to herself to her feet and nervously followed after Candice who was heard congratulating her on being able to talk to the boys without being drunk or throwing up! the light sound of Candi patting the blonde on the back was replaced by a loud gag and something slushy splattering on the ground the red head shrieking "Oh, God it's everywhere!?" and A.J. sobbing "Sworry~"

Hotaru cringed when she heard that "Great, That's gonna be fun to clean up." she jeered then turned to her brothers who were still stunned into place at the revelation that their sweet nerd of a sister lost her virginity before them! and was in a FWB deal with some mystery guy "Oi, little brothers did you hear me?" walk over to Todomatsu poked his cheek the moved on to Choromatsu "Oi what up with you guys?"

she said waving her hands in front of the green hooded Matsuno she huff considering letting them stay the night but she didn't want them getting sick, the brunette bit her lip trying to come up with an idea to snap them out of it before slowly pulling her shirt up showing of her midriff causing them to snap out of their trance causing them to form a protective circle around her as the eldest brother scolded her. 

"Oi Hotaru! what you think you're doing showing that much skin this time of night?! there are perverts running around here you y'know!" Osomatsu hissed pulling her shirt down not seeing the irony in his words, as Hotaru rolled her eyes "Dude we're in my living room, and we're on the second floor." she pointed out causing them to remember where they were and what An Jia said about Hotaru's adult status causing him to swallow hard and making their sister to worry again

"Are you guys alright?" this caused Osomatsu to blink "huh? oh, yeah just tired ain't that right guys?" the rest of the boys quickly nodded before quickly exiting through the door and heading home. leaving  Hotaru confused at their weird behavior when her cell went off she looked down and saw a text from Myles.

 {Wanna hang-out this Saturday ??}  



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